Sunday, September 9, 2012


I am a pet groomer and I create fun things for the dogs once they are finished getting their hair done. Our customers love what we do so much I started thinking why not create these for other groomers. They are a big hit because they are so different from bandannas that most groomers use. I will offer neckties, neck bling for the girls, bowties, hair accessories and more. In this post I will be showing you a necktie and one of my many neck blint items. I will add more photos of more products that i offer so be sure to check back often.
I create my neckties from vintage fabric and recycled clothing. So there is no way to know what color ties you will get. You can request colors and I will do my best to do that for you. The prints will all be different because of this though.
Here is one of my neckties
minum order of 20.
20 ties for $50.00 ($2.50 per tie)
50 ties for $100.00 ($2.00 per tie)
100 or more ties will be $1.25 each.
Please call with your order 440-223-4174 shipping is free within the United States.
I also create one of a kind pet clothing you can see some of my clothing at I am currently building my website so I do not have a lot on there yet. Be sure to check that often too.
Here is a sample of my neck bling
Prices for these are the same as the neckties. Please indicate if you would like a variety of sizes or if you need more of one size then another. Tell me what breeds you would like them for so i have a better idea of sizes you will need. If you dont tell me sizes you will get a variety of sizes.
Again please call 440-223-4174 to order. Shipping is free within the United States.

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